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De Werkvennootschap is aiming to improve the accessibility and quality of life of various Flemish regions. A range of projects are currently in the study and planning phases (ring road around Brussels, R4 around Ghent North - South Limburg, etc.). But alongside the infrastructure adaptations, we must also make the transition to more sustainable goods transport and labour mobility together

The New Mobility Network aims to raise awareness among companies and help them take their first steps towards future-proof mobility by:

  • Offering them a new perspective on mobility 

  • Setting and sharing concrete examples of how things can be done differently 

  • Stimulating collaboration

  • Encouraging concrete action

Together, we must have the confidence to dedicate ourselves to multi-modal transport, combo-mobility and new transport models, both for the transport sector and for labour mobility. 

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“Making the transition to future-proof mobility begins today. We'll do it together!”


Freight transport

Almost 70% of today's freight transport still takes place by lorry. If we don't change anything, the number of lorries on our roads will only increase and they will become more and more clogged. High time for a transition whereby we devote a lot of our efforts to multimodal freight transport.

Making the move towards future-proof logistics too? Our partners will be glad to help you on your way!

Labour mobility

At 65% today, the car remains by far the most used means of transport for home-work traffic in Belgium. We are nevertheless seeing an evolution, in both employers and employees, who more and more often are choosing a more sustainable alternative - a trend that we would like to reinforce through the New Mobility Network. 

Making the move towards future-proof logistics too? Our mobicoaches will be glad to help you on your way!



The New Mobility Network offers businesses inspiring events, a series of practical workshops and tailored coaching courses - so we can get stuck in together!

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Take part in our events and workshops

The New Mobility Network organises a variety of events, conferences and series of workshops every year. Allow yourself to be inspired while learning the ropes to take your first steps towards future-proof mobility:

More events at this link (in Dutch).

The New Mobility Network is an initiative from De Werkvennootschap.

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Workshop: “Get more from your cycling policy!”

Do you want to get more employees on their bikes too? But perhaps you have no idea where to start?  Are you better off buying bikes or is it better to choose leasing? What allowances can I offer as an employer? What facilities must I offer as an employer? What subsidies are available from the authorities?

We can provide an answer to these and many other questions during this workshop. You will be able to get stuck in straight away after attending!

You can subscribe via the agenda (in Dutch).

September 2019: Waterbound Logistics Conference

Our waterways have a great deal to offer when it comes to sustainable logistical solutions. New developments and technologies are making transport across water much more versatile and we will aim to put that in the spotlight at this conference. 

The New Mobility Network, along with its partners, would like to invite you to discover the possibilities of waterbound logistics on this inspiring day. 

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